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The Super Sap bio-epoxy that we are going to sale here soon is:

Sarteneja Easter Regatta

Natty Ride: prototype of a dinghy.

The new project: a cheap plywood dinghy,  made of plywood, cedar, flax cloth, Super-Sap bio-resin. 11 feet, must be light.














The next step is the fiber.

Dinghy plan: Natty Ride

New add

We like Creative Commons.


Flax composite: first try



We tried composite with natural flax fiber and bio-epoxy Super Sap 1000/100 on this mahogany hatch.


Recycling bottles

The Natty Dreads is made for you !

New design for a traditional day-sailing boat.

How to order a sustainable wooden boat ?

Natty Dreads prototype ready.

Recycled Lead Ballast


Now with a new ballast in lead (from recycled batteries) we can definitely said that Natty Dreads is the perfect little day cruse sail boat !

More info to come.

Original Design.

New web site, need to work on it

We are working on this web site and still have a lot to do. Sorry for this inconvenience.

Go to ”contact” page if you like more information by email.

The page “about” will explain our project and ideas. Draft document.

You will find marine weather charts to help your sailing in Belize. They are the best you can find on the web but will not replace local knowledge of the weather.

Thank you.

Last project’s update: 37 feet cargo boat
You can see this project at Juan’s workshop main street.