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We distribute bio-epoxy in Sarteneja and to the Belizean market, delivery to the Cayes possible.

For any question or order: ed @ We accept Visa/Mastercard.




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Epoxy is an extraordinary material but unfortunately it’s not natural at all. When working on boat building, the frustration is severe when you have to blemish the wood with a petro-chemical-nasty-smelly glue.

After years of frustration, after centuries of improvement in technologies, we finally have the chance to create nice and durable things with a minimum of respect for ourself (first, think about cancer) and the environment.


Thanks to a new company from California, Entropy resins, we can offer you a new product that will change your way of working. No more frustration ! Just satisfaction !
Super Sap is available in Belize for a really good price.

New prices – August 2014

1.5 gallon of bio-epoxy for BZ$ 290 (plus postal delivery).

An other application; construction of a plywood dinghy with natural flax fiber.

Wood flooring. To keep the natural beauty of
the wood, only one solution: protect the wood with a large amount of resin which is impossible with varnish or linseed oil for example.









How to order your bio-epoxy resin ?

This is a 1.5 gallon kit and that’s the way we package the resin and hardener. Mix Ration
is 1:2

Visit for the technical documentation.



We sell the FAST [and the SLOW: out of stock]hardener.

The fast is hard in less than 1 hour, pot life of less than 5 minutes (depend of temperature/humidity/quantity).

[The slow is hard in 6 hours more or less, pot life less than 10 minutes (depend of temperature/humidity/quantity)]

Always mix the smallest quantity you can !

Send us an email to ed @ with:
– the fast, slow details.
– the quantity you need, 1.5 gallon (one gl and a half)  is the minimum.
– the payment method you prefer.
– the address of delivery in Belize (for Central America we will need investigation).






Hemp Tow – Estopa de Canamo

[youtube Vor82qxtLA0]

                  Juan Guerrero is doing the caulking on the deck of the cargo boat #26 codename: libertad.


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