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Sustainable fleet

The 16 feet prototype and the 37 feet cargo in Sarteneja, water front – BELIZE.

Cargo and Natty Dread in Sarteneja's water front

Some updates

Plywood dinghy

New pictures in the Gallery: Natty Ride, a plywood dinghy made of flax cloth and bio-epoxy.

Coming soon !

The Super Sap bio-epoxy that we are going to sale here soon is:

Sarteneja Easter Regatta

Natty Ride: prototype of a dinghy.

The new project: a cheap plywood dinghy,  made of plywood, cedar, flax cloth, Super-Sap bio-resin. 11 feet, must be light.














The next step is the fiber.

Dinghy plan: Natty Ride

New add

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Flax composite: first try



We tried composite with natural flax fiber and bio-epoxy Super Sap 1000/100 on this mahogany hatch.


Recycling bottles